Laugh often, laugh long

My friend knows how to laugh. When something strikes her as really truly funny there is no holding her back. The laughter erupts out of her and her whole being joins in. Her laughter is tear creating, stomach shaking and belly aching. The ability to talk ceases and she shakes with mirth, sometimes requiring minutes before being able to carry on. At times like these, simply being around her causes others to laugh along with her, even if the initial humor is lost on them.

As the laughter pours forth from her it infects those around her and even places smiles on strangers passing by. Some of my most entertaining moments in life and fondest memories have been laughing uncontrollably with this friend.

To me, this type of laughter is the physical manifestation of sheer unadulterated joy. It is as if joy bursts out of one’s being in these peeling, cascading notes. 

Since it is the season for resolutions, maybe a goal for the New Year should be to laugh often, laugh long and laugh with all of one’s being. Regardless of what 2010 holds for each of us, I hope there are moments of sheer, true, deep joy that we let erupt into notes of unrestrained laughter. Happy New Year!


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