I love the Olympics. Like watch TV for 2 weeks straight type of love. Frankly it is almost obsessive. As a kid I daydreamed of being in the Olympics, not because of any athletic giftedness but because of my sheer adoration of, “The Games”. Blame it on being born in an Olympic year or on seeing the torch pass on its way to the 1984 Los Angeles Olympics, but I love the whole spectacle. I will watch every sport, yup even curling and trampoline. So, it should come as no surprise that my anticipation of this year’s extravaganza in Vancouver, B.C. is steadily mounting.

Anticipation, of something positive, is like a steadily growing stream of tickling bubbles that float up and gather until each pops into a variant of excitement, thrill, wonder, glee, jubilation, happiness and enthusiasm.

Unfortunately, as most of us adults know, sometimes the anticipation of an event brings more pleasantness to our lives than the actual event. Often it seem that this fact of life leads us to turn down the volume of our anticipation, but anticipation with a realistic acceptance and expectation of life’s vagaries is a better tack than forgoing the thrilling experience of anticipating a positive event.

As my Opa (Grandfather) used to say to my siblings and I after a summer visit, “don’t be sad… anticipation is the greater joy”.


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