Savoring Summer

Summer has arrived! Now, I don’t know about you but as a kid, I loved summers and even though I really enjoyed school, I considered June, July and August the best months of the year. Even in my adult years, there is something about summer that suggests an endless expanse of time, energy, fun, joy, laughter, etc… it’s just that within the schedule of adulthood embracing the promise of summer can be a bit difficult. So, here are some tips to help you let loose and enjoy summer to its fullest.

1. Take a vacation. Relax and get away. If you can get away from home, all the better, but if you can’t, just make sure you get away from your standard routine. Take as many days as you want but keep in mind that even 1 day of vacation (a day of doing nothing that you have to, no chores, no burdens – a day filled with indulgent relaxation) has benefits and can help you claim your slice of summer fun.

2. Create a list of activities that you equate with the carefree summers of yesteryear. Do as many of these activities as is feasible this summer. It doesn’t matter so much whether the activity is big or small, inexpensive or costly, local or far away – as long as the activity is synonymous with ‘summer’ – go for it.

3. Organize a social function (be it small or large, informal or posh) and enjoy the laughter, camaraderie and warmth of having friends and/or family all together. Just don’t stress too much about the function, or at least don’t let the stress diminish your enjoyment of the social event.

4. Spend a day outside, soaking up the summer weather. Wear sunscreen, stay hydrated, munch your favorite summer fruit (with juices dripping down your face, of course) and relish the wondrous weather of summertime.

5. Nature explodes during summer – flowers bloom, bees buzz and creatures are enjoying nature’s bounty. Take in the summer spectacle Mother Nature puts on by gardening in your own yard (even if it is just a little container of flowers, veggies or herbs), by visiting a botanical garden, a wildlife refuge, animal park or simply by strolling through the neighborhood and admiring the gardens that burst with life. 

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