5 Tips to Help you Sparkle & Shine on Your Wedding Day

Once upon a time, a couple decided to get married and it was a rather simple affair; but now-a-days a wedding can be anything but simple. It becomes a day loaded with expectations, including the one about everything being perfect. And if perfection weren’t enough, a wedding is also supposed to reflect the style, personality and uniqueness of the couple, the bride as well as the groom. Needless to say, it is understandable that many a bride and many a groom arrive at their wedding day with a mountain of stress. So, here are some tips on how to decrease the stress so that you can sparkle and shine on your wedding day.

1. Keep the end goal in mind. If at the close of the day, you are married – then your day has been a success. By linking the success of your wedding with the occurrence of your nuptials, you help ease a dose of pressure from your shoulders. Let your guests be responsible for having a great party and keep your eyes on the prize.

2. Expect mishaps, because there will be some (minor I hope). Invariably, something will go wrong – be it the wrong flowers get delivered, a guest arrives late or someone sneezes in the middle of your ceremony. Despite all of your meticulous plans and countless hours of preparation, you cannot control all of the variables, including all of the people, who will be participants in your wedding; knowing this in advance, can help you keep your cool when something does go a little sideways.

3.  Trust that you have done your best planning, prepping, organizing, brainstorming and creating your magical day. So, take a step back and soak up the culmination of your efforts. Phrased another way, don’t forget to experience the outcome of all your hard work.

4. Enjoy yourself: kick your heels up, celebrate and radiate with the love you feel – but watch your alcohol. An intoxicated bride or groom mars the wonder of the day. Have fun!

5. Carve out a moment at some point during your wedding day to spend a little time with your new partner for life and your new partner in life. The reason this wedding exists is because of the two of you, don’t forget to commemorate that together, privately.


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