My 5 Tips on Love

1. Exalt in the fact that you are loved. Someone somewhere loves you – whether it is a parent, friend, sibling or romantic partner; you are loved. Celebrate that amidst the vastness of our world, there are people who know you, care about you, love you and root for you to live a wonderful life.

2. Express & share your love. Don’t be shy – send out those “I love you” texts, emails, phone calls, cards or better yet, say it in person. It truly is a gift to have people that you love and expressing your love is a joyful way of claiming this truth.

3. Do something you love. Even though romantic love is celebrated as the holy grail of love, why not spend a little bit of time celebrating something that brings you happiness and joy? Doing something you love is just one way of expressing goodness as well as love towards yourself – and at the end of the day you spend far more time with yourself than with anyone else.

4. Keep your expectations reasonable. All the hype around romance can make you think that an anniversary or birthday without exquisite flowers, high end chocolates, ethereal perfume and priceless jewels is a worthless day. While these items might be lovely in and of themselves they cannot create the love we all crave and strive towards. If your sweetheart shows you genuine, deep and true love without any flowers, chocolates, perfumes or jewels – accept the statement of love with genuine gratitude (and if you desperately want some of these items, expressly ask your partner to purchase them as a gift or see step 3 and buy them for yourself).

5. If you are single, keep some basic facts in mind: a romantic relationship is only one sliver of a satisfying life, it is possible to lead a full and wonderful life while being single, and most every adult has a long-term romantic relationship at some point in their adulthood – so take comfort you will not always be alone.


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